Using The System

The best way of using the system

How does following/unfollowing work?
Instaninja will run on a cycle by following targeted accounts, it will then unfollow the same accounts that Instaninja followed. Typically, the cycle runs for 2-5 days.
You can customize your follow cycle to allow you to follow anywhere between 2,000-7,000 accounts.
When you reach your follow limit the system will automatically switch over to unfollowing, as long as you have both follow and unfollow configurations enabled.
How do I know if my account started working?
After adding the account check the activity page and you will see actions(follow, unfollow, like and direct message) that shows what your account is currently doing.
Can Instagram block my account?
Performing manual actions may cause your Instagram account to be temporarily blocked. Instagram limits the amount of accounts that you can follow and posts you can like every hour, and if you are manually following accounts or liking posts this may put you over the limit.
To avoid these interruptions, we advise not to perform manual actions while Instaninja runs.
How do I cancel my Instaninja account?
Go to the billing page and if you are subscribed you will see the "Cancel" button, click it and your account will be canceled.
How does liking works?
Instaninja will perform liking automatically for you. The system will like based on your targets, it will like photos of users that the system follows.
How Direct Message work and how many direct messages a day can I send?
Our Direct Message feature sends up to 200 DM’s (direct messages) every 24 hours. You can configure DM on Direct Message page, just enable it and write the message you want to send. Also you can use emojis on direct message.
How can I protect people I have followed manually from unfollowing?
Instaninja has a setting for this:
  1. 1. Go to configurations page.
  2. 2. Click General.
  3. 3. To section "Unfollow Configuration" turn it on "Do not unfollow manual followings".
Understanding the activity tab
The Activity Tab will show you all the actions Instaninja is performing on your Instagram account (follows, unfollows, likes and direct messages) it will also show you when these actions were performed and which target the action used.