Pro Tips

Push your account to the next level.

Tip #1: Targets
First thing is finding targets that match with your content.
Try finding targets that has more than at least 5k followers.
If you use hashtags, try to use specific hashtags. For example if you have a cars page dont use #Mercedes to target new followers, but rather something like #Mercedesfans.
When you post on Instagram, use at least 5 hashtags in your posts so that people will still find you when they search those hashtags.
Tip #2: Locations
Instagram users can tag a location whenever they make a new post. Instaninja then uses these locations to attract followers from these locations.
Here are some tips using locations:
  1. 1. Be specific. If you are a local bussiness, don't tag "London" but try targeting smaller locations.
  2. 2. Be creative. If you run a coffee shop, consider tagging locations close to you. (i.e. a local bakery, the shop next door, etc.)
  3. 3. Locations ARE NOT filters. If you target by the location “Paris” you will not get accounts from Paris, but rather any person who tagged “Paris” as the location of their picture.
Tip #3: Don't perform manual actions
Instagram has limitations, so the main thing is to stay under these limits. The system works under these limitations, so If you perform manual actions you will bypass these limits and your Instagram account to be temporarily blocked.
To avoid any interruptions, we advise not to perform manual actions while Instaninja runs.