Getting Started

Start your account in the right way.

How to connect your Instagram account to Instaninja?

The first step is verifying your Instagram acccount to Instaninja so the application can start working properly.

  1. 1. Sign up on Instaninja
  2. 2. On your mobile device or web browser, log in to the Instagram account that you want to connect.
  3. 3. After you signed up on Instaninja you see the screen to add your Instagram account, add your Instagram username and password and click "Add Account".
  4. 4. Check your instagram on your device, if you see the verifications popup click "This was me".
  5. 5. If your acccount is added successfully you will be redirected to Targets page and start adding your targets.

If you are still having trouble adding after following these steps, please feel free to chat or email us at anytime for help.

How to add targets?

After you add your acccount on Instaninja you will be redirected to Targets page and start adding your targets.

There are three options of targtes that you can add: Users, Tags and Locations

When you pick accounts to follow, make sure they post similar content to you.

Search targets that you want to add and click the plus icon as you see on the screen below:

When will Instaninja start working?
After you added your isntagram account and register you targets Instaninja will start working immediately. It depends on how many following you have, so if you have 7000 following(the limit that Instagram allows) Instaninja will start unfollowing, otherwise it will start following people based on your targets.
How to find good targets?
The main thing is to try finding people that would like your content. So try to find the potential people that will follow your account. When adding targets you have to find accounts that are similar to your account, post same content and use almost same hashtags. Try to find targets(account) that has more than 5k or 10k followers.